How to set up your Attentive API sign-up unit

In order to set up proper tracking, and to be able to measure results at the end of the campaign, please follow the below steps.

1. Decide:

New API Sign-up Unit: Do you need a completely new Welcome Journey or Offer for this campaign? If so, you'll want to create a new API Sign-up Unit.

Reuse existing API Sign-up Unit: Is the Welcome Journey or Offer you want to use, one that you've created an API Sign-up Unit for previously? If so, you can reuse an existing API Sign-up Unit.

Example: You already have an API Sign-up Unit for Giveaway Entries, so you can use it again.

Option A. Create a new API Sign-up Unit:

This process involves the Attentive White Glove team. See here the full, step by step instructions.

Option B. Reuse an existing API Sign-up Unit:

Navigate to Sign-up Unit

Scroll down and copy the ID of the Marketing API. You can then paste it into your HiTide Campaign.


That's it! Easy right?