How to create a new API Sign-up Unit

Only the Attentive White Glove team can create new API Sign-up Units for you, so please send them this page and let them know which Welcome Journey or Offer your want to link it to.


On this page they have all the information needed to setup the new API Sign-up Unit, and how it will be used in HiTide.

Dear White Glove Team,

Please find below the information you need to setup the external signup form:

1. Will you be collecting emails, phone numbers, or both for use within Attentive?


2. Will the subscriber be checking a box to communicate explicit consent or will they be typing their info?

Before they finalise their subscription, they will need to explicitly press the “I Agree” button, as shown in the screenshot bellow.


3. Where will this signup source be implemented?

In the Instagram DM, via the HiTide app

4. Will the messages sent to subscribers who opt in through this signup source be marketing or transactional?


5. What do you want this signup source to be titled?


Thank you!