Frequently Asked Questions

What is HiTide?

HiTide is a zero-party data acquisition platform focused on SMS list growth.

We provide Instagram DM automation tools along with a simple, beautiful dashboard where you can track revenue results.


What are the benefits of HiTide?

We help Social teams deliver revenue growth from Instagram through authentic and scalable Instagram Direct Message automations that result in lightning fast SMS list growth.

All HiTide Campaigns allow for you and your team to measure the precise downstream value of acquired SMS subscribers by pulling revenue attribution from Shopify.

What types of Social engagement posts do you recommend?

We help power Instagram engagement posts like:

  • Giveaways

  • Restock Alerts

  • Early Access

  • Voting

  • …and more

How does HiTide connect to Instagram?

We are an approved Meta Messenger API developer. This means that you can safely connect your IG account without ever having to share your password with us.

What type of content can I use?

  • Posts

  • Reels

  • Story Replies

  • IG Suggested Questions

What types of Keywords does HiTide support?

You can use any word, phrase, or emoji as a keyword to trigger an automated DM. Keywords can be set to trigger DMs from Comments, Story Replies, or Direct Messages.

Can I create my own custom automation?

We will have self-service flow creation and templates available soon - in the meantime, we can work with you in a full service capacity to write and deploy flows for any type of SMS growth campaign.

Does HiTide work for paid (ads) too?

Yes - HiTide can be set up for Meta Click-to-Message ads which are an excellent way to increase reach on Instagram.

What results have other Brands seen?

Here are case-studies where you can see the amazing results other brands have seen with HiTide.

Do you have a question that we didn't answer?

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