How to send a SMS campaign

To the HiTide segment in


A HiTide campaign can contain a mix of new, reactivated and existing phone numbers. In order to be able to send a Sendlane SMS campaign to all of these numbers at once, follow the steps below:


This targeting method works even if a phone number has participated in multiple HiTide campaigns.

1. Create a Sendlane segment

a. Go to Audience / Segments / Segment


b. Name the new Segment

You can use whatever name works for you. A good starting point is HiTide.

c. Select the “Has Tag” Filter


c. Select the “HiTide” Value and press “Save”


2. Send the SMS campaign to the newly created segment

In the Audience section of your campaign editor, make sure you select the newly created segment


That's it! Easy right?