How to setup Klaviyo to collect emails

And to make sure your collected emails are added to your email flow


1. Check your Klaviyo email list to see if it's single or double opt-in

IF your main list is single opt-in:

great just get the list ID and save it in HiTide. You can skip steps 2 and 3 - you’re done!

IF your main list is double opt-in:

we need a new list and new Email Welcome Series flow for HiTide. Proceed to steps 2 and 3 below.

2. Create a new single opt-in list

a. Go to Audience / List & Segments / Create New / Create list


b. Name the new list

You can use whatever name works for you.


c. In the Opt-in process section select the Single opt-in

Go to Settings / Consent / Single opt-in / Save


d. Get the list ID

Go to Settings / List details / Copy the list ID


e. Save list ID in HiTide

Paste list ID here


3. Clone your email welcome flow

Clone your email welcome flow and join the HiTide list as a trigger


That's it! Easy right?