Safe & Secure

HiTide is an authorized Meta developer for Instagram - so you can safely connect without ever risking your account or giving us your password.

HiTide is fully approved for use by Instagram

HiTide carefully complies with Meta's security policies and guidelines, including Meta Platform data security requirements and Data Use Policy. As part of Meta Developer program requirements, we also go through periodic Data Use Checkups and Meta compliance audits, which are required for continued API access.

Specifically, HiTide uses the Messenger API for Instagram - a platform for developers and businesses that was introduced by Meta in October 2020 and since greatly expanded.

As Meta puts it:

“The Messenger API for Instagram enables brands to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel. Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier--helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.””

You can read more about the platform from Meta here.

As an official Meta Developer partner, HiTide only supports the use of the platform in ways that are in full compliance with the official Meta guidelines.

Meta Messenger API requirements:

Meta encourages automated responses to DMs within 24 hours of receipt of the Message. Meta encourages public comments to be moved to automated “Private Reply” DM within 7 days of the public comment.

We’ve carefully built HiTide to adhere to all of Meta’s API usage rules so you can safely launch effective campaigns.

HiTide Hourly DM Send Pacing:

Instagram Messaging API policies allow high volumes of Direct Messages per hour including 750 per hour for Private Replies to comments, 100 per second for Private Replies to Live Comments, and 100 per second for Direct Messages.

In addition to following all Meta policies and Instagram Messaging API policies, to further reduce the risk of false-positive account-related issues, HiTide has implemented a self-imposed limit of 500 DMs (including Private Replies and Direct Messages) per account, for each rolling 60 minute period.

How it works

In situations where your HiTide campaign content goes viral and drives significant keyword trigger activity during a short period of time, HiTide will automatically slow down HiTide DM sending after 500 messages have been sent within a rolling 60 minutes; new HiTide DMs will be queued and sent in order of keyword receipt, while staying under the hourly limit. Pacing will apply to new conversations only to ensure that existing automations can be completed; for example, if a user is midway through a TCPA opt-in flow at the time the Hourly DM Send Pacing activates, they will still be able to finish the flow without a delay.