“The integration with Hitide was incredibly seamless. It at least doubled our participation rate and made engagements with our community so much easier. I can’t imagine running any type of engagement conversion campaign without this type of software.”

Justin Lee

Co-Founder, SuperBonsai


How SuperBonsai Jump Started Their Postscript List at a Cost of $0.24 Per Subscriber


Cost per

New Subscriber


Organic Reach vs

Follower Count


Conversion from



Of Opt-Ins from

Net New Subscribers

The Challenge

Turning a passionate social fan base into a reachable SMS list at low cost while leveraging an Amazon launch

SuperBonsai’s Super Recovery is the result of modern science + ancient ingredients working together to defeat the negative side effects of alcohol, promising thousands of years of hangover and liver healing knowledge of Asia, right in your vitamin cabinet.

SuperBonsai has built consumer distribution based on an active and highly engaged Instagram community on @superbonsai as well as partnerships with affiliated lifestyle influencers and the extremely popular Under The Influence show.

SuperBonsai was looking for a way to promote their Amazon launch and jumpstart their Postscript SMS list at the same time.

The Solution

A cheeky, on-brand giveaway that harnessed the power of DMs

SuperBonsai launched a conversational data-acquisition flow that matched their brand voice by using HiTide to tap into the power of IG DM automation,

Here’s how they did it.

First, they posted giveaway content. Participants were eligible to win a $300 Amazon gift card and a bottle of Super Recovery.

The giveaway was promoted through both a carousel post on @superbonsaiworld, as well as a viral Reel that was posted as a collab reel with influencer @akaviettrap (a co-host of partner show Under the Influence).

Instead of sending participants to a link in bio or just asking them to follow, the posts instead called for users to tag their friends.

This friend tag action triggered a DM from the SuperBonsai IG account, prompting participants to enter their phone number.

From there, SuperBonsai was able to convert the vast majority of conversations into SMS Subscribers with an activation that pushed directly into their SMS provider Postscript.

The Result

A home run campaign

SuperBonsai’s campaign reached a stunning 318K accounts organically: punching above their account weight to reach 63X their brand account follower count at time of the campaign.

Over 1,300 people commented the keyword and triggered a DM from SuperBonsai. From there, SuperBonsai collected more than 700 phone numbers over the course of a few days.

Total cost per new subscriber was $0.24, before taking into account downstream sales.


Cost Per

New Subscriber


Organic Reach vs

Follower Count


Conversion from Comment

to TCPA Opt-In


Of Opt-Ins

from Net New Subscribers

“HiTide eliminated all the friction we were concerned about when we first decided to move forward with our campaign. The user experience was incredibly smooth and the customer service was top notch. HiTide really showed us how much they can unlock for our business moving forward.”

George Kisselevsky

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SuperBonsai