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What brands say

  • Hannah Perez

    Co-Founder and CMO at SEEQ

    "HiTide couldn't have come at a better time for our brand. Building community has always been the core of our business. Through the use of HiTide, we've been able to truly bridge the gap between our Instagram followers and our raving fans. The use cases through HiTide are endless for our brand and we plan to utilize this in our long-term social strategy!"

  • Hayley Segar

    Founder, onewith

    "Working with the HiTide team has been one of the greatest SaaS experiences I've had as a founder. Not only is the product stellar, but the team behind it is a total joy to work with. The passion is clear, and that shows the results and general communication with the team. SMS has been our #1 channel since we started using it, so finding new ways to fuel its growth as a program is always a top priority for us. Seeing not just sign-ups grow via HiTide but also KPIs like AOV is so tremendously valuable. The SMS signup/opt-in process is so seamless and easy for customers, working with HiTide is a total no-brainer as the lift you'll see in your SMS metrics speaks for itself. I also love that HiTide came to us with different options for using their software for generating signups and even surprising and delighting our customers… I really can't stress enough how amazing this app, and the team behind it, is. If you're a founder or marketing team member debating on implementing HiTide, please just do yourself/your business a favor and do it. This is truly a game-changer for your tech stack."

  • Jason Wong

    Founder, Doe Beauty

    "I've been looking for a solution to facilitate list growth from our active IG community and feel confident that we finally found one. The data from our early tests are promising and we're looking forward to using HiTide for our product releases and back in stock notifications to drive additional revenue that were previously difficult to capture."

  • Annie Firmi

    Founder, Serpenti Apparel

    "HiTide's automation capabilities deserve special praise and saved me countless hours that would have been spent manually sending messages to my followers… this proactive approach led to a notable boost in my SMS opt-in conversion rates. The post-campaign dashboard provided detailed insights into subscriber and customer behavior, allowing me to identify patterns, understand customer preferences, and tailor my marketing strategies accordingly."

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Convert your followers to SMS subscribers with DM automation

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Harness the power of Click to Message ads: Meta's fastest growing format

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HiTide is an authorized Meta developer for Instagram - so you can safely connect without ever risking your account or giving up your password.

Influencer SMS acquisition

Leverage the voice and credibility of your influencers by arming them with DM campaigns that drive to SMS subscription

Social ROI Has Never Been Clearer

One unified view of Instagram, SMS and Shopify so you can understand how Instagram campaigns drive the bottom line.