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What is HiTide?

HiTide is an app that helps Creators, Makers and Artists make more money. Our team is building towards the vision of a world where all creators can connect with their full potential.

HiTide helps Creators, Makers and Artists to sell and capture the full value of their unique work by seamlessly converting DMs to SMS (text message) list subscribers - so they can send important messages directly without algorithmic interference.

HiTide makes SMS marketing easy for the rest of us!

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What creators say


Irem Yazici

"I was impressed by how HiTide makes it easy to build my SMS list. In a world where the algorithms constantly change, it’s exciting to be able to reach my audience and customers directly and on my own terms. HiTide had me up and running with a giveaway that my audience loved! Couldn’t have been easier."

Zeyu Studio

"Running a giveaway with HiTide super easy - what a great way to build up my Text/SMS list! As an artist and business owner with many competing priorities, I appreciate how HiTide makes it so smooth to message my audience. The co-founders were super helpful while helping me with the registration, the app is easy to use and really intuitive."

Lorraine Loots

"After many years struggling to figure out how to run auctions in the Instagram comments section, I'm so relieved that HiTide has made it incredibly easy to launch auction drops. Finally a simple and easy way to run private auctions on IG! Total game changer."

Danielle Clough

"I have wanted to auction my work for years, but every option I found was either too complicated or I had no autonomy over the process. HiTide made it simple and seamless by using private message-based sales. I am still ecstatic over the success of the auction, and already making work for the next one!"

Madeline Ronzoni

"HiTide has transformed my messaging workflow and allowed me to grow faster with less stress. Staying on top of messages can be daunting - working with HiTide brings order to chaos!"

Sarah Lo Cascio

"HiTide has allowed me to choose when and how I respond to incoming messages. Thanks to HiTide, I'm more in control of my business communications than ways that work best for me!"

Gabriel Sîncrăian

"I grow my training programs primarily through messaging - HiTide takes the pain out of managing DMs, and gives me an edge that helps me deliver a great client experience."

1 Year Commission Share

We operate with a full one year. This means if a creator signs up today, you would get paid every month that HiTide does for 1 whole year. Yay!

No Cap on $ You Can Earn

Drive as much traffic as you can, and get paid for every creator that ends up as a paid HiTide customer!

Get paid on time, every time

With HiTide you won't have to chase down your affiliate payments. Get paid out each month, on time.

Here's an example of affiliate earnings referring just 3 new creators each month who each pay a base subscription of $19 per month:

The tools you need for success

Once your application is approved to the Partner Program, you will get access to an extensive resource library, in addition to brand guidelines and promotional content.

Extensive Resource Library

Find content such as brand guidelines, promo content, HiTide articles, and more to fine tune your messaging and maximize commissions.

An Experienced Partner Team

Have questions about your campaign? Payments? Want to talk strategy? Our team's got your back and is happy to provide assistance with any questions you may have.


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