How to set up your Klaviyo opt-in link

In order to set up proper tracking, and to be able to measure results at the end of the campaign, please follow the below steps.

1. Decide:

List: Will you add new subscribers into an existing List, or add them to a new one?

Flow: Will you add new subscribers into an existing Flow, or a new one?


Remember, reaching your HiTide acquired audience does not necessarily require a new List. Klaviyo will automatically update Profile Properties to $source = YOURKEYWORD where YOURKEYWORD represents the new custom keyword you create. You will then be able to define a Segment using “Properties about someone” and $source=YOURKEYWORD

a. How to Create a new Klaviyo list (if you want to):


b. How to Create a new Klaviyo flow if you want to:

Create a simple Welcome flow to include the appropriate message, for example:

  • Confirmation of entry for Giveaway campaigns

  • Discount code for Promo Code campaigns

Klaviyo has an extensive documentation on how to do this see here

HiTide team can help craft a Reply Action message if you'd like!

2. Create new Keyword:

Regardless of your choices for List and Flow, you'll want to create a dedicated Custom Keyword:

a. Click your organization name in the lower left corner.

b. Navigate to Settings / SMS / Automations.

c. Find the Subscribe Keywords section.


d. Click Add Subscribe Keyword.

e. In the resulting modal, input your keyword.


f. Choose the list that subscribers who use the keyword should be added to.

g. Choose whether you want the keyword to be double or single opt-in.

e. Click Save.

You can find detailed instructions from Klaviyo here: How to add, update, or delete SMS custom keywords

3. Create new Subscribe Link

Make sure to select the Keyword you created in step 2.

Optional: Create a dedicated Subscribe page for Desktop experience.

Copy your Subscribe link and paste it into HiTide Campaign setup.


You can find detailed instructions from Klaviyo here: Subscribe link creation

Optional: Add Coupon to Your Flow

For adding Coupons to your Flow, you can follow the detailed Klaviyo instructions here or use your preferred method:

That's it! Easy right?