How to improve the experience for already subscribed followers

For existing subscribers, you can send a different DM auto reply message, and not force them to go over the same opt-in flow again.

Instead, you can simply confirm that they are subscribed, or send them something else of value.

What it looks like in HiTide:


If HiTide recognizes a campaign Keyword from someone that has already subscribed to your SMS list, we can send that person a different Auto Reply message.

HiTide can recognize that someone is already subscribed in two scenarios:

  • If they previously joined your SMS list from a HiTide campaign, we will know that they are a current subscriber from their unique Instagram user ID. In this case, they don’t need to type their phone number into the conversation flow.

  • If they previously joined your SMS list from somewhere other than HiTide (example: website pop-up), and type their phone number into the conversation flow, we will recognize them as a current subscriber.

✨ In either scenario, order to record their participation in the campaign, HiTide will add a Subscriber Tag (Postscript and Sendlane) or Subscriber Attribute (Attentive)✨

Pretty cool right?

This helps us provide a better user experience and less steps for your subscriber.

For example, if running a Giveaway, instead of asking for them to subscribe again, we can simply confirm that we have them on the list:

“Awesome! We see you are already subscribed to texts. This confirms your giveaway entry.”

A note about “Already subscribed message” and Discount Codes

If you are running a campaign that is meant to distribute a Discount Code, (for example, an “Ice Breaker” or “Story Highlight Discount”) and you want to provide that Discount Code to existing subscribers, the code will need to be added in plain text to your Already subscribed message. HiTide currently supports static coupon codes.
If you are using a Dynamic Discount Code for new subscribers such as those generated in Postscript or Attentive, and you want to ALSO provide the discount to existing subscribers, you’ll need to create a corresponding Static Discount Code to include in your HiTide Already Subscribed Message.