Run auctions directly in your DMs!

Now you can run an eBay-like auction that is as easy as sending a message. No need for your audience to move to other 3rd party websites to participate in an auction, and no need for complicated setup on your end.

See how it works

Send a DM with the keyword "AUCTION DEMO" to the Instagram account.

Stop leaving money on the table

Discover the true value of what you sell

First-come, first-served type social sales favor users with the fastest response time - when others might be willing to pay substantially more.

Auction-style sales

drive up to 83% price increases vs. comparable comment or DM fixed price sales of similar items.


What creators say


Lorraine Loots

"After many years struggling to figure out how to run auctions in the Instagram comments section, I'm so relieved that HiTide has made it incredibly easy to launch auction drops. Finally a simple and easy way to run private auctions on IG! Total game changer."

Danielle Clough

"I have wanted to auction my work for years, but every option I found was either too complicated or I had no autonomy over the process. HiTide made it simple and seamless by using private message-based sales. I am still ecstatic over the success of the auction, and already making work for the next one!"

Auction Drops

by HiTide

HiTide is a unified, prioritized inbox that solves DM and comment overload.

As HiTide user, you’ll get the ability to run Auction Drops - which automatically drives the entire bidding process for you by accepting bids, letting bidders know if they are outbid, and selecting a winner.

Privacy First, Transparent by Design

Running your auction in DMs makes for a secure, private experience that protects both bidder and seller and creates a fun, exclusive experience.

HiTide bidders and participants have access to an anonymous auction leaderboard, so you can provide transparency by showing real-time bid activity without sacrificing privacy.

With features like a real-time countdown, you can drive excitement and urgency like any great auction experience.

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