How Madeline Ronzoni relaunched her shop and drove 18% of sales through messaging

“Awesome quote by Madeline”

- Madeline Ronzoni, @happy.rugs

The challenge

How to convert a highly engaged audience of fans into customers

With over 1.1 million followers across Instagram and TikTok, Madeline Ronzoni makes the art of rug tufting accessible to mainstream audiences. After building a passionate fanbase around her Air Jordan sneaker rugs, she's continued to push the envelope with one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by fashion, sneaker culture, pop culture, and everyday life.

Madeline recently relaunched her Shopify store after a branding refresh and inventory restock. With a constant stream of comments and DMs from fans looking to buy her pieces, there was no shortage of interest in the months leading up to the relaunch.

But Madeline didn't want to rely solely on the algorithm to surface her shop relaunch post - and sorting through thousands of comments and DMs to get back in touch with interested buyers just wasn't efficient.

The solution

Reaching fans with personal messages

A few days ahead of the launch, Madeline set up a simple automation using HiTide; those interested in getting an alert about the shop relaunch, could comment with a specific keyword that led to a DM, from Madeline, containing a Text Reminder signup call to action.

At shop relaunch, she was able to instantly and directly reach interested buyers.

What's more, by collaborating with HiTide to simultaneously reach out to interested customers via DM, she directly drove sales from fans that may otherwise not have been aware of the shop relaunch.

“Awesome quote by Madeline”

- Madeline Ronzoni, @happy.rugs

The result

94.5% conversion from DM to Text Reminder signups, and an incremental 18% of sales directly driven through messages

The Happy Rugs shop relaunch has been a huge success and Madeline has continued to build her Text Reminder list for her next sale or promotion. With HiTide automatically identifying and cataloging potential customers, she'll be prepared for the next big Happy Rugs event.

“Awesome quote by Madeline”

- Madeline Ronzoni, @happy.rugs