How To Avoid Creator Burnout With The Right Tools

Jesse Clemmens
Jesse Clemmens
Co-Founder @ HiBeam
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Creator Burnout is a real challenge. No matter what industry you work in, humans are susceptible to burnout. Anxiety, neglecting your own needs, lack of enjoyment and procrastination are just a few of the signs.

While this is not an exhaustive list, keeping an eye on yourself and your mental health is key to building long-term success and happiness. 

Important: If you feel severe signs or symptoms of burnout or other mental health concerns, please consult a mental health professional. 

Avoiding burnout is a complex subject with many different methods. We will focus on freeing up more time to do what you genuinely enjoy while removing repetitive tasks.

While there are many ways to free up time, such as adopting a "systems mindset" or having a content plan, today, let's focus on software that can make your life easier. 

Three Rules for Selecting Creator Tools 

When selecting new tools and services to help your job as a creator, consider the following:

  1. Look for tools that are custom-made for creators. These tools tend to have tailor-made functionality. 

  2. Protect your creativity. The right tools should not strip you of your creativity but rather help you maximize it. 

  3. Avoid the task treadmill. Think about using time gained to do different things, or learn new skills. 

Communication Tools

  • HiBeam is a game-changing communications app that unifies messages and comments from multiple social platforms and categorizes them by topic—allowing you to respond quickly to the messages that are a higher priority.  By reducing clutter and ensuring you don't miss any important messages or opportunities, HiBeam removes the need to sift through endless burnout-inducing notifications. HiBeam helps by retaining your authentic voice and allows you to respond directly to your audience. 

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  • MailChimp makes it easy to create audience segments, and they offer tons of beautiful email templates. If you are looking to start email marketing, MailChimp is a fantastic solution. Setting a consistent schedule allows for more thoughtful communication, leaving you feeling more in control and less stressed. 

Audio Transcription Tools

  • Descript is a fantastic tool for audio editing. Instead of clicking around in an audio file to find key moments, Descript transcribes your words to text so you can edit audio as quickly as deleting and replacing words on a document. When finished, run your audio through Descript's Studio Sound feature, which can make you sound like you recorded in a professional studio. No need to spend endless hours or money on soon-to-be-obsolete hardware. 

  • can help you upload recorded conversations (think interviews or meeting notes) by translating audio to text. Take back some of your valuable time by removing the need to take detailed notes. puts you in control and gives you the transcripts of important conversations so that you can make calm and collected decisions.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling and planning are two of the best ways to avoid a creative rut, albeit sometimes these are the hardest to do. By staggering the publishing on Instagram and TikTok, many of the most productive accounts are doing work upfront and then carefully selecting their ideal time to post. Luckily there are some inexpensive and easy-to-use tools. 

  • Buffer makes it easy to schedule your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and provides simple analytics tools to understand what's happening with your audience. 

  • Sprout Social allows you to visualize and manage all of your posts in one place, including tools like an easy-to-use content calendar. 

  • can help you build a phenomenal Instagram feed with tools to plan your content visually. Later will tell you the best time to post so that you can schedule in batches. They include a ton of other features as well as a Link In Bio tool.


When you feel behind, repetitive tasks can only induce more stress. Take stock of which tasks you are doing over and over again, and see what you can automate. One great automation tool is Zapier, which has a ton of automation or "Zaps" ready-made for social media. For example, you can set a Zap that takes your Instagram posts and automatically re-publishes them to Twitter. 


The above tools are great ways to remove repetitive tasks and mundane, time-sucking items from your plate. Remember that eliminating time spent on such tasks doesn't necessarily mean that you should fill your plate with more. Instead, think carefully about how tools and software can free up time to spend in areas you genuinely enjoy and bring you energy. This is just a small part of ensuring you steer clear of burnout and stay inspired, happy, and productive as you start achieving your goals as a creator!

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