How bidding works

The seller names a starting price and you bid against other buyers. When the auction ends, the highest bidder wins the auction and pays for the item

Frequently asked questions

How can I bid?

To place a bid while the auction is running, you must first send the seller designated “Keyword” via Instagram Direct messaging (aka DMs). The Keyword is posted by the seller prior to the auction. If the Keyword has been entered correctly, and the auction is active, you will receive back a message confirming that you've entered the auction. You can then send your offer to the seller any time the auction is running. Your bid should be formatted as a $ amount. Remember, a bid is a binding contract; when you bid, you're committing to buy if you win.

Why do you require a “next minimum bid”?

Each time a new high bid is placed, our system calculates the “next minimum bid” based on a preset formula. This prevents noisy small increment bids, and gives the best chance to bidders who are serious about taking the item home. See how “next minimum bid” is calculated.

Can I use automatic bidding and set up a maximum price I am willing to pay for the item?

Currently we DO NOT SUPPORT automatic bidding, so any amount that you submit is considered the actual bid. If your bid is the highest bid when the auction ends, you will be the winner and have to pay the actual amount that you submitted.

How reserve prices work?

A reserve price is the minimum amount the creator is willing to sell an item for. If you bid below the reserve price, you'll see a "Reserve price not met" message. This means that even if you're the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you won't win the item.

How do you handle last-minute bids?

If a bid is placed within the last 60 seconds of an auction, an extra 90 seconds will be added to the end time of that auction. This gives a fair chance to the rest of the buyers to submit a last-minute bid as well.

How does payment work?

Auction winners receive a payment link in IG Message. We use Stripe as our payment partner, one of the most reputable payment processors available.

What happens if I placed the winning bid, but decide not to finalize payment?

If the payment link expires you will be DISQUALIFIED and BANNED from placing any future bids.